We’re already over 12 weeks into the 2017/2018 NBA season and the top teams looking to conquer the NBA finals this year set themselves apart from the competition with ease. Even among the top 5 teams, it’s very clear who the favorites are in each match-up. What us basketball fans know is that anything can happen when it’s crunch time and so today we’re taking a long look at 5 favorites to conquer the championship, their current form, and how the future looks for these ballers.

Golden State Warriors

The all-powerful Warriors lead the Western Conference at 30-8 with a solid 15-3 on the road. Surprisingly, they’ve lost more games at home than away so far, but the difference doesn’t really take a toll on the odds for the Warriors. They continue to be the favorite team to win the championship once again. What scares us the most is that they’re 8-2 in the last 10 games, which is a nearly an unparalleled score in the league. The Raptors are the only other team that can match this but needless to say, Toronto has horrible odds to win the championship. Other than a calf injury on Kevin Durant and Andre Iguodala recovering from his back, the Warriors seem to be in top shape. There’s still plenty of time before we even make it to playoffs, but so far the Warriors continue to dominate the league and upset fans looking for a new team to be crowned NBA champion.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland has dropped more games than they should have at the beginning of the season and that’s currently hurting them. As of now, they stand in 3rd place of the Eastern Conference at 25-13, barely succeeding on the road with a 10-9 record. To be honest, the Cavaliers worry us. While they can still come back, their stats currently match subpar teams. On top of that, the Cavs don’t have any reported injuries at the moment, which makes it even scarier for them. If none of their players is currently underperforming due to physical injuries, then what’s going on? Now it’s not all bad, the team does lead the Central division and as we already stated, has a strong comeback potential. Let’s sit tight on this one.

 Houston Rockets

Ah, the beard power is strong in this one! Or it will be once James Harden recovers from a hamstring that has him out of the game indefinitely. Despite recent developments, the Rockets are looking as good as their eSports division coming into 2018. Houston is in 2nd place on the Western Conference with a 27-9 score and an impressive 13-4 on the road. They’re literally one game away from matching the Warriors. However, in the last 10 games, they’ve gone 5-5 which hugely sets them apart from Golden State. If the Rockets are able to keep up the pace, with or without Harden, and continue to set themselves apart from the rest of the conference, they could easily slip into the NBA finals given the Cavs current form.

Boston Celtics

My have the Celtics stood out this season. They’re currently in 1st place of the Eastern Conference at 31-10, losing 5 games at home and 5 more on the road. As of now, they’re on a 4-game win-streak having just beat the Cavs 102-88. Boston is currently riddled with injuries. Gordon Hayward and Semi Ojelye are out indefinitely and Aron Baynes hurt his ankle not long ago. And yet we don’t expect any of this to hurt their performance in the near future. This team is coming in strong into the playoffs. The question is… can they snowball into the finals or not? And even if they do, are they even capable of dethroning the Warriors? Guess we’ll have to sit tight for a bit longer to find out.

San Antonio Spurs

I know what you’re thinking, the Spurs are far from any of the other teams on this list. And even though their odds to win the Championship are twice as better as the next team, the Spurs are probably not on the minds of non-Spurs fans. See the thing with San Antonio is that they’ve gone 7-3 in the last 10 games and are gaining momentum as we speak. Minnesota and OKC are in similar positions but with far worse overall win percentages, almost comparable to middle-of-the-pack teams. The Spurs might need a miracle or two to perform like San Antonio fans hope to see, but their path is starting to look stronger. Be on the lookout for upsets on their way there.