After a successful run of predictions throughout week 1 of the North American League of Legends Championship Series, we’re looking to follow form and predict the outcomes of all 10 matches taking place this weekend for the second installment of the NA LCS Spring Split. Let’s find out whether TSM can make a comeback after a 0-2 start and if Echo Fox will continue to rise in an attempt to come out victorious for the very first time this split.

Clutch Gaming vs. Counter Logic Gaming

CG is one of the strongest new teams in the league, featuring European imports such as Febiven and bot-lane superstars in Apollo and Hakuho. Unfortunately for CG fans, their team is currently at 1-1 after dropping a game against Echo Fox and now they’re facing a tough opponent. CLG might be 0-2 after losing both to Cloud9 and 100 Thieves but let’s remember these two latter teams are one of the strongest in the league overall. CLG is currently being led by Reignover, who’s been revered by many pro players as a mastermind in the rift. Additionally, CLG has a strong bot lane in Stixxay and Biofrost and is very likely to pop off in this match against the Houston Rockets’ Clutch Gaming.

Prediction: CLG Wins

TSM vs. OpTic Gaming

The first encounter between these two legendary organizations will be a sad one to see, given they’re both 0-2 in the league. Who would have thought that they’d meet like this? We have a lot of trust in TSM as the season goes by but they have to start yielding results and this is the perfect match to do it. PowerOfEvil came all the way from Europe to help the OPT lineup show up and it hasn’t been paying off at all. Young Akaadian has also been missing out on optimal ganks and rotations so OPT simply doesn’t look as powerful as say their Gears Of War roster. TSM should be able to steamroll over them.

Prediction: TSM Wins

Cloud9 vs. Echo Fox

And now we have the complete opposite. Two 100% win rate teams in C9 and FOX brawl it out to send the opposing team home with their first loss. Huni has been doing work for Echo Fox, debuting with his legendary Lucian Top pick, but they’ve beaten two underwhelming teams from which only 1 has any chances of rising up. They beat CG and FlyQuest. Echo Fox doesn’t have what it takes to take down a C9 roster featuring Svenskeren, Jensen, Sneaky, and Smoothie. It’s simply too much.

Prediction: C9 Wins

100 Thieves vs. Team Liquid

The 100L’s team might start here as TL easily hands Nadeshot’s squad their first loss of the season. We said it last time and we’ll say it again, TL is the beast early-season roster there is and they’re likely to go undefeated for a couple of weeks. We’re talking Impact, Xmithie, Pobelter, Doublelift, Olleh… they’re all insane individual players with lots of team experience! Sure, 100T has Aphromoo and a gigantic gaming house to work with but there’s just no way.

Prediction: TL Wins

Golden Guardians vs. FlyQuest

RESIDENT SLEEPER. Not even kidding. This match is probably the most boring and underwhelming encounter in the entire week. It’s not that we don’t trust FQ to put up a show, is that we’re convinced that the Golden Guardians won’t succeed at anything until they change up their coach and get some better players to fill some of their gaps. Hai is probably the most experienced in the roster and he’s been at his ceiing for like 3 seasons already. FQ takes this free.

Prediction: FQ Wins.