Super Bowl LII is upon us as the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles get ready to square off on February 4th starting at 3:30 pm pacific standard time. Bookies have set the Patriot’s 28-year-old Rob Gronkowski to be the favorite scoring a touchdown anytime at -120, followed by another New England player in the form of 24-year-old Brandin Cooks. Do you think Rob has got this free or will his concussion keep him from even showing up on the opening night?

Rob Gronkowski

While -120 aren’t bad odds at all, Rob’s concussion is a worrisome matter. Ian Rapoport confirmed in a tweet, that Rob will not be attending the Super Bowl Opening Night unless doctors clear him. The situation that led to this took place during last week’s AFC title game where the Jaguar’s Barry Church slammed the Patriot helmet-to-helmet. Unfortunately for fans, there is a slight chance that he might not even play during the Super Bowl as it was confirmed that if the game were to be played on January 28th he would have definitely not been available. Bettors are pouring their hard-earned money on Rob for what seems to be an easy prop for the Super Bowl but we recommend our readers to stay safe and look for other options before going all-in on Rob. Brandin is a good option but we’re going to have to look into him before committing. Join us tomorrow for a follow-up article!