For sports fans, one of the most exciting and awesome weeks is coming up in the NCAA March Madness Selection Show. This major part of the basketball season is sure to be of major interest for basketball fans. With 68 teams to be announced for this year’ basketball championships, basketball – and sports – fans should tune in on Sunday, March 11th. This is otherwise known as Selection Sunday, and whether you’re looking to enjoy the madness of sport or have a little wager, you’ll sure find something worth watching!

Also, we’ll get to enjoyed the pairing announcements in live for the first-time. This is going to be televised on TBC at 6PM ET. The first and most important date for most, though, is the beginning of the chaotic proceedings on 11th March. If you are interested in placing a few bets or simply want to see how it all unfolds, make sure you set a little reminder on your calendar.
What is March Madness About?

For the uninitiated, it’s important to note that this committee is vital to the basketball season. As a 10-man committee, the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Committee will choose, seed and then bracket up the whole NCAA Tournament. With school and conference level admins nominated by each conference, this allows for a wider cross-selection across Division I.
Teams are evaluated at close-up across the whole season, with very strict criteria deciding on their appearance and position on Selection Sunday. With conference experts and wider basketball masterminds on the committee, it helps to ensure there’s a good balance.

Following the mid-February jaunt over to Indianapolis to start beginning the selection process, the committees likely already have a clear plan about who will be chosen. With the top four teams chosen for each region on the March Madness Bracket Preview Show, you’ll know who the ‘big dogs’ are going to be for this season ahead of time.

On Tuesday, 6th March, the committee will all meet up in New York City. At this point, they’ll begin the selection process, spending five days going over hundreds of ballots and talk about every team who could potentially take part. Eventually, they’ll draw up the list of 68 that take place this year, before the big reveal is due to come in on Selection Sunday.
With so much taken into account, it’s going to be interesting to see who winds up selected, seeded and placed into the Championship bracket.

This is sure to all live up to expectation; after all, March Madness is among the most exciting days on the 2018 sporting calendar. As one of the biggest events in the basketball season, this helps to kick off a tremendous season of college basketball.

It’s going to be major fun to see who ends up making it in. This has been ongoing every spring since 1939, and it’s still one of the most highly-anticipated days of the season. Who you going for this year? Do you think that your local college team will make it into the 68?