There has been no bigger free agency than Kevin Durant’s two years ago, but he is only the second-best player in the world, so what happens when the guy above him is about to be on the market? LeBron James made “The Decision” and left Cleveland, his home and became the superstar and king of the NBA we all knew he was destined to be, the 6 after 23.

A few years later, after winning everything from League MVP to NBA title, he’d come back home to the land where nothing is given but earned, to defend it, to charge it into battle and come out with the most coveted prize of all, an NBA title, after a 50-year wait and only LeBron James could lead a team to a title after going 3-1 down in the NBA finals

However, James faces a new challenge and whether or not he knows it, this will add a final and telling chapter to his legacy, this is bigger than The Decision, it is The Legacy. LeBron James will be an unrestricted free agent this summer and with the Cavs looking neither deserving nor worthy of his presence, a few frontrunners have stepped up and they have convincing arguments


Despite what I said above, Cleveland is home to LeBron James, and what does it say about a player the pedigree of James if he doesn’t stick around to pull his team back up? Cleveland needs James now more than ever, the organization needs someone who knows and embodies its culture to keep it from falling completely apart, and that can only be LeBron James.


This is the picture in Houston if LeBron James moves out West; foremost, he is close friends with Chris Paul (I mean Paul is the godfather of his son) and James has mede clear how much he wants to play with his friends. Then there is the competitive side of it; An MVP-ish James Harden at the peak of his powers, a rising force in Clint Capela, a leading sixth man in Eric Gordon, added to Chris Paul and LeBron, both at the perfect balance point of experience and peak, and you have a team that can genuinely beat the Golden State Warriors.


LeBron’s admiration for Ben Simmons (PG/FW) is no secret, he likened the rookie guard’s energy and style to his own, so… and then there is the monstrous Embiid (C), not forgetting the number one overall pick from this highly impressive draft class, Markelle Fultz (PG), and oh! Wait, did I mention runner-up rookie of the year Dario Saric (PF)? Ok, good. Note to world, all these guys are below 25, and all need that experienced mentor and leader that can complete the process. We all know James completely loves that role, Philly has all the pieces to really tempt James.


The Lakers have made it no secret that they want LeBron James, they’ve been building, they’ve cleared the cap space for at least two max contracts, they’ve got the young hungry pieces who need that mentor that James can be so well and they’ve put up the billboards. Lonzo, Kuzma, Ingram and Randle are just as good a proposition as the 76ers.

It’s anyone’s guess but one thing is sure, James’ move will change the landscape of the NBA.