James Harden and company have no doubt been producing top-notch performances on a regular basis this season and in the process staking a claim to be regarded as one of the favorites for the championship this year. Though they have a quite a long way to go.

Comparing them to other favorites

The Golden State Warriors are the clear favorites for the title and remain odds-on to retain their title, but are currently in a dogfight with the rockets for the top spot in the Western Conference. Houston and Golden State have already met three times this season with the Rockets winning two of these games so on a head-to-head basis the Rockets have the advantage though when it comes to the playoffs the Warriors are a completely different beast. But on the evidence of the season so far the Rockets may well consider their chances if they meet in the playoffs.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are always considered as contenders for the championship regardless of their form and performances during the regular season. They have not been the best of seasons and have been plagued by injuries and internal wrangling. But when it comes to the playoffs and final stretch you can’t rule them out because with Star performers like LeBron James and Kevin Love they can blow you away in the space of a few minutes. But when all the facts and statistics are put together the Rockets clearly look like the better and more cohesive team and will fancy their chances if they meet in the playoffs.

The Boston Celtics are also having an exceptional season and having been producing some spectacular performances throughout the season and are one of those teams who almost always participate in the playoffs so they definitely can’t be ruled out. Though according to the various permutations and prediction sites the Rockets have more of a chance when compared to them, this is the NBA and you certainly can’t take any team for granted and who knows this might finally be their year after all their endeavors.

The Raptors are seen more like the dark houses this season and can clearly spring up a surprise or two. They are currently top of the eastern conference and have a well-balanced team with a complement of all-stars like Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan and a very big bench ensuring they are well-equipped in all areas. If there can continue playing like they have been doing all season then they can certainly give all the other contenders a run for their money including the Rockets.

When put all the factors are put together and considering all the other contenders mentioned above, the Rockets are clearly seen as the team who can finally dethrone the Warriors by fans and pundits alike. They have a well-balanced team with an ever-improving defense and lethal attack providing a very lethal combination. The Rockets are hotly contesting for the top spot in the western conference with the Warriors are even currently top of the league, but how will they fare in a playoff series against them, based on their encounters this season, they won’t do badly but time will tell us better.  Therefore, assuming they meet in the western conference finals considering the way things the Rockets have a real chance of winning with home court advantage in a 7-game series.